Almita's designs and manufactures interconnection products for their worldwide customers. Flat flexible cable (FFC) & flat printed cable (FPC) of connecter is their newly developed product that is an effective and efficient solution to the interconnection needs of electronic industry. US$7.5 millions has been invested in state-of-the-art equipment for production and quality assurance.

Memory Card Connector Manufacturer in Taiwan

Our memory card connector offers long-term availability and support across a wide variety of industries. By providing faster, smaller, lighter and more cost-effective products, Almita Co., Ltd. brings a wide range of technology and innovation to the military and aerospace industry. Almita Co., Ltd. has responded with a full range of memory card connector that offer the space savings needed by designers and the memory capacities demanded by consumers. Our professional environment attracts the highest qualified personnel in our industry. We have built a reputation that all of our associates are proud to represent.
With more than 20 years-experience, ALMITA specializes in Memory Card Connectors which include Micro SD Card Connectors, XD Picture Card Connectors, Smart Card Connector Mini Secure Digital Card Connectors, Compact Flash Card Connectors, PCMCIA Card Connector, Smart Media Card Connectors, Smard Card Connectors, Simm Card and M2 Connectors which is an effective and efficient solution to the interconnection needs of electronic industry.
Memory card connector features its high quality and excellent performance. Furthermore, Almita Co., Ltd. memory card connector address end-user issues such as card fly-out and sticking problems. Their consumer-friendly designs also make card extraction easier, offer a variety of ejector types and provide polarization features to prevent incorrect card insertion. For questions or tech support please fill out at least your name, phone and email address and we will get in touch with you promptly during our business hours. We can also make appointments for tech support after hours.