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Taiwanese Wire to Board Connectors Manufacturer :

Founded in 1987, Almita Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001, IECQ & UL certified manufacturer of varied connector products.

With more than 20 years-experience, ALMITA specializes in Board to Board Connectors, Wire to Board Connectors, PCI Connectors, USB Connector, Smart Card Connector and FPC/FFC Connectors which is an effective and efficient solution to the interconnection needs of electronic industry.

Wire to Board Connectors (WTB Connectors) :

Almita would like to promote 1.25mm full range Wire to Board Connectors, Housing, Terminals and Wire Harness, which including:

1) Through hole and SMD Types.

2) Single Row and Double Row.

3) 1251S-XX-SM1, 1251R-XX-SM1, 1251SM-XX, 1251RM-XX mating parts 1250HM-XX single row, 1254SMB-XX board-to-board-connectorssata-connectorssas-connectorspci-connectorspcb-connectorsmemory-card-connectorsisa-connectorsffc-fpc-connectorsmating parts 1254HB-XX double row.

4) All products can meet RoHS compliant process.


Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
1251S-XX-SM1 Straight Type SM1 Type
1251R-XX-SM1 Right Angle Type SM1 Type
1251SM-XX Straight Type
1251RM-XX Right Angle Type Single Row
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
1254SMB-XX Straight SMD Type Double Row
Mating Part 1254HB-XX Housing
Wire Harness 1254HB-XX
1255R-XX-SM-TR (PC0006)
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors
Wire to Board Connectors


ALMITA also offers customization of case design and provides the best variety of full-range solutions for high quality, value added, and cost competitive products

All solutions and dependable on time delivery will be provided timely as well as team work service to customers to reaching the win-win situation.

Now, contact us if you are looking for a reliable supplier of Wire to Board Connectors. We will provide the total solution of interconnecting products and design service to save your time.


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