Almita's designs and manufactures interconnection products for their worldwide customers. Flat flexible cable (FFC) & flat printed cable (FPC) of connecter is their newly developed product that is an effective and efficient solution to the interconnection needs of electronic industry. US$7.5 millions has been invested in state-of-the-art equipment for production and quality assurance.

Multi Memory Card Connector Supplier in Taiwan

Almita Co., Ltd. is a leader in the development of memory card connectors for applications such as digital cameras, portable-audio players and other consumer and data communication devices. Also, our core memory card connectors offer long-term availability and support across a wide variety of industries. By providing faster, smaller, lighter and more cost-effective products, we bring a wide range of technology and innovation to the military and aerospace industry. Moreover, Almita Co., Ltd. provides customized memory card connector solutions based on meeting specific client requirements for Electronic Supplies related purposes. At Almita Co., Ltd., you get performance and reliability. Contact with us immediately!!
Multi Memory Card

Multi Memory Card Connector

Features :

Multi Memory Card-AAIO2X-12105BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIO2X-21005BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIO2X-21608BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIO3X-22805BT00
2 In One Connector Manual Type ( Micro SD + M2 ) 2 In One Connector Reverse Type ( MS , MS Duo ) 2 In One Connector Manual Type ( Micro SD + SIM ) 3 In One Connector ( Mini SD , RS MMC , MS Duo )
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Multi Memory Card-AAIO4X-22105BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIO4X-24105BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIO4X-32505BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIO5X-34505BT00
3 In One Connector ( SD , MMC , MS ) 4 In One Connector ( SD , MMC , MS , XD ) 4 In One Connector Push - Push Type SD , MMC ( & 4.0 ) , MS 5 In One Connector Push - Push Type SD , MMC ( & 4.0 ) , MS , XD
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Multi Memory Card-AAIO6X-12405BT00 Multi Memory Card-AAIOAX-15405BT00 Multi Memory Card-ASIMMC-02308BT0X Multi Memory Card-ASSXMB-04T05B191
6 In One Connector SD / MMC ( & 4.0 ) , Mini SD , RS MMC ( & 4.0 ) 10 In One Connector SD/MMC ( &4.0 ) , Mini SD , MS, MS Pro , MS Duo , XD , RS MMC ( & 4.0 ) Mini SD + SIM Card Connector Maual Type SMC Plus XD Card 2 in One Connector
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Our Company is a well-known company in Electronic Supplies, specializing in the design, production and sale of memory card connector and relative appliances. Almita’s memory card connector development focus is on providing space savings and user-friendly features such as push-push eject designs for smooth card extraction. We have employed qualified professionals striving to serve our customers with products that are manufactured under the international quality norms. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable memory card connector manufacturer.